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Sweet Carolinas

Updated: May 14, 2022

Is there a method to the (travel) madness between and ?

Corolla, North Carolina (NC):

The majority of visitors miss seeing horses on the beach. The animals seek the shade inland from the burning summer sun and from icy winter winds.

An April/May interface (and perhaps the fall season) may be a good timeframe to see an abundance of horses on the beaches of Corolla.

Bevy of Belles at ”The Pineapple” in Charleston, South Carolina (SC).

Cooper River escapade (with youth & ancient), Charleston, SC.

East Coast sunset…...

… at Duck, NC.

At the confluence of Rivers Ashley ad Cooper, SC.


Famous but elusive Timbo’s.

The lady in black & white stopped by my car to tell me that she had given my wife the “lowdown on boiled peanuts.”

She was surprised to find Timbo’s open. Typically it’s shut whenever she drives by.

Southerners are friendlier than northerners, generally speaking.

My new career, and …. new collleague.

Pit stop at Myrtle Beach.

Me resting at Hatteras, NC, as permitted fiscally by my new career.

She, resting at Kill Devil Hills, NC.

She’d like to book this particular room again.

Bode Lighthouse, NC.

Liquid alcohol is illegal on the streets of Charleston. Solidified (frozen) cocktails are fine.

”The Pineapple” in Charleston, again.

There’s a cruise ship in the background.

King Street ride.

Jenni’s Ice Cream store on King Street typically has a long queue out through the front door far into the sidewalk, as long as it is open.

Charleston City Market.

The Battery, Charleston, SC.

When April meets May, this is a pretty, pretty strand, from Oyster Point (confluence of Ashley and Cooper rivers), to Rainbow Row.

Pink, white and red blooms sway in the breeze. It’s an 8 minute walk to Rainbow Row, between handsome historic buildings on the left and the river on the right.

Rainbow Row.

A walk in the opposite direction, with the river on the left. We walked back and forth and could not get enough of it.

We saw two brides over two days at The Battery.

Our carriage driver guide, Scott, was simultaneously/phenomenally factual and funny, but Peter, the horse was funnier.

As soon as we started the trip, Peter did a massive dump in the middle of the road, and Scott was caught off-guard, but patient. At the major King Street intersection, when the light turned green in our direction, Peter refused to budge, no matter how much Scott cajoled him. Then when the light turned red, the horse started moving forward. I couldn’t stop guffawing. Peter had a personality!

Three horse carriage businesses employ an outfit called “Doody Calls”. The drivers press a gps device when and where the horses poop and Doody drives over for the cleanup.

Charleston Historic District reconstruction needs to follow strict stucco, brick and architectural guidelines.

Gas lamps have to be left on outdoors 24x7x365.

Folly Beach, bars and a lady of the evening.

Ravenel Bridge.

The Angel Oak Tree is reported to be more than 500 years old, and stretches horizontally over 17,000 square feet.

(For relative reference, some Redwood Trees in California were born before Christ, are 370 feet tall, and the circumference of one trunk allowed me to lay down 15 times around it).

Slave cabins at Magnolia Plantation.

This is ”low country” where two days of rainfall causes water to rise above floor levels. The floors were originally made of mud.

In the earlier slave cabin, newspaper was wallpaper.

A later cabin in which descendants of slaves lived until 1994.

Magnolia Plantation Nature Ride.

Trails at Magnolia Plantation.

The taller of the two is my wife.

Bye from Shem Creek.

The loot we brought back from the Carolinas included crystal cuts and wine rack (above) and a couple of Jasmine trees from the Magnolia Plantation (seen in our Charleston hotel room below):

Valet Parking was mandatory at our Charleston hotel.

I told Antwain, our valet and now a special friend, that he was allowed to forget me, but NOT my red hat.

Antwain impressed me because he had his heart in his job, and the first welcome he gave us (customers, strangers) is rare. On the fourth and last day, he asked me if he could give my missus a hug.

The above note from him fell from the visor on our drive back home.

I will treasure his note.


Parting shot from a boardwalk at Duck, NC:

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Goutam Biswas
Goutam Biswas
May 19, 2022

Beautiful photographs -


Antwain McDaniel
Antwain McDaniel
May 17, 2022

Thanks a million and you both are highly appreciated... Much luv as always, Antwain!!!

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