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Sunflower Plants from Ukraine

On Saturday, Rocky, our neighbor, fed us and gave us sunflower plants.

I planted them in a big pot. They’ll need to be transplanted again to an even bigger pot. They grow to a height of 6-7 feet.

Rocky said the seeds are from Ukraine. His friend came back from that country. Sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower.

Deer like these plants so I’ll need to place the pot up on our deck.

If we have sunflowers, they will be 8-10 inches in dia and the stalks will bend to let the yellow blooms follow and face the sun from east to west daily.

We have a 10 acre sunflower field near us. Last year, I found the flowers confused at the end of a cloudy day. They were not all aligned towards the west, but individually facing east, west, and in all other directions.

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