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Memory Lane

The young one and I drove to his new apartment in Washington DC today, and we assembled a couple of pieces of furniture.

We then walked to a bar for drinks.

On the way he pointed out a small church. It suddenly reminded me of a church I would sit in quietly when I was at Villanova University. I told him that I was at an impasse and simply didn’t know what to do.

I had taken a $3,000 loan for grad studies, had got a number of B s and a C grade in my first semester (I needed to keep a B average to obtain my Master’s Degree). I was a Teaching Assistant earning $5 an hour, teaching a subject in which I had no background (learning the subject matter myself, solving problems before offering tutorials, spending more time on preparations for lectures than on my own studies).

My battered old car was breaking down every week, and a dog barked viciously at me when I returned to my rented room every night.

I once waited for 2 hours in an open parking lot in snow in wet sneakers for AAA to come and jump my car battery. If I was as prone to cold then as I am now, I would surely have ended up with double pneumonia.

It seemed to be a pretty hopeless situation at the time, but it worked out eventually.

Today I was walking to a bar at the Ritz Carlton for a drink (or two) with my young one.

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