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Hats off to our County!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Email to neighbors today:

Tax dollars at work:

Within minutes of whining to you dear neighbors (about the destruction of our mail box by a snow plough) late on Sunday night, I was able to create an online service request for our county (thanks Earl).

Monday was a holiday (Martin Luther King Day). Early on Tuesday (today), Montgomery County had a brand new mail box installed in the frozen ground.

The mail box even had a letters inside. (Not sure how they did that)!




From a neighbor:

Nilotpol, your new mail box looks a lot better than my old decrepit one. Can you arrange to have my old mail box hit by a snowplow and have it replaced by a new one? Paul

Our dear dear neighbor inspects our handiwork. (The young one put in the hard labor, I did the finishing touches). I’m not quite sure if she approves.

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