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Driving backwards (updated)

There was a discussion (debate?) at the office about the mileage of a vehicle going down or up if it is driven backward.

(Some had seen the Ferris Bueller movie; others got their information online).

I decided to actually do it……drive my car backward until the odometer reading changed.

My colleagues ventured outside to watch as I got into my cheap car in our vast office parking lot.

(The vastness is history… lots have since been parceled and built up).

There were wagers on both sides. I planned to back the car (slowly) in large circles over and over.

As I drove in reverse, the onlookers went through an osmosis of sorts, splitting up into a bunch with fingers pointed up and an excitable group pointing down.

There were also HIGH and LOW chants.

The odometer was granular to a tenth of a mile. Who knew it took that many never ending circles to move it just by a tenth?

Then the reading changed in the blink of an eye. The mileage increased.

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