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Culinary Day

I assumed our Priests would have lunch at mid-day. My deadline was to get them lunch (orzo, daikon and mushrooms) by 11:30am.

Grocery stores opened at 9am. I was back home by 10 and started cooking orzo (pasta that looks like rice). The broth is prepared by baking tomatoes and spices for an hour.

By 11am I realized that I wouldn‘t be able to finish within the next half hour. Indeed, at 11:40am, I had finished just the orzo and daikon (radish, ঢেঁড়স). and decided to just deliver that and not the portobello mushrooms that I also bought in the morning.

When delivering the two items, I learnt that lunchtime for our priests was 12:30pm. I raced back home, sautéed the shrooms and went back with the second delivery at 12:15.

I had lunch by myself at home. Next, I assembled an early dinner for Rocky, our neighbor. He has Crohn’s, so orzo was unsuitable. I prepared cod fish, and delivered it with leftover daikon and portobello.

The afternoon menu was repeated for family dinner. My lunch run proved to be a trial one. Dinner gravy was thicker for the daikon, the shrooms did not shrink as much, and the orzo tasted better with green peas in it. I got it all done before the missus returned from work.

I checked with my son at 8pm. He just finished work at his office and will next use the gym. He’ll drive back to his apartment, then come to our house at 11:15pm.

At 10pm, I plan to cook chicken fingers (already marinating for a few hours) by rolling them on Panko crust and baking for 25 minutes, along with spicy shrimp. He can have them along with daikon and mushrooms.

Yes, I’ll post pictures ……………………….…………….

Here we go. The chicken was from scratch, the cod and the shrimp were not.

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