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Bananas and Birds

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

My missus loves the small bananas on the left. She will not touch the longer bananas on the right, typically available at all American grocery stores, even if they turn from green to yellow to spotted to a black soggy mess.

The birds at our feeders have been getting two kinds of seeds and grains. The dark one on the left is cheap, the combination on the right costs three times more.

They finish the lighter combination within an hour and the cheaper one lasts more than a day. This may be a chicken and egg question. Do the sellers of the expensive brand make it expensive because they know it's popular or do the birds have expensive tastes? Somewhere in the middle lies the answer, I suppose.

Back to my missus. She does not have fish. On her first day at a dorm near Tokyo they gave her fish for breakfast and she wept. (Otherwise she has rich memories of her stay in Japan).

She sniffs the air in our kitchen if I cook fish, and expresses her disdain with a varied selection of words.

There are exceptions. She likes salmon and sushi and fish which are generally more expensive. Even in these days of inflation, the price of salmon has slipped below $10 a pound. I wonder if it will soon join her banned list.

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