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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Most male students have the ADD (attention deficit disorder) syndrome. By the time the teacher in front of the class is on his third sentence, we drift off to our own thoughts, trapped in our minds and do not even know we are in class.

Most males carry this forward to spousal relationships. They become masters in the art of displaying rapt attention, but they may or may not be able to repeat the last sentence their wife said, when called out. It’s a good thing that our ear/brain interface has a bit of retentivity, assisting the last sentence to wriggle back out of the male mouth.

There are glorious exceptions. Some of my class friends would eagerly await the next word to drop out of the teacher’s mouth.

I was fortunate to experience (with all my class friends) one teacher who was different. His lecture procedure was simple. He would ask questions instead of disseminating data. I still remember, after 4 decades, his question, “What is gravity?” Many hands went up and many answers were volunteered. He pruned and compiled them in one comprehensive statement. I guess we were hooked because we were all fishing internally for the answer to a simple question.

There are some core subject matters also to which each mind is honed.

One who is deeply interested in which dynasty preceded which, will gravitate naturally towards history. Another mind may be naturally curious about how to get from this country to another and what lies inbetween, and some minds revel to the beat of rhymes.

Most find geometry and simple math and (some even even higher math) attractive and the mind remains focused on classroom lectures.

ADD is becoming more rampant with time with the advent of technology, web distractions, drugs and paucity of sleep.

Those who meditate or pray find that the proclivity of random thoughts is higher during early sessions. Books on meditation confirm that for the general population.

Somewhat similar is the battle for emotion versus logic. We should take actions based on logic but frequently act out emotions and needs.

But the source is again the lack of the power of concentration. Logic needs focus, effort and time. Emotion does not. It is not only instantly accessible, it is also empowering and begets instant gratification.

Consuming an excess of spicy food may require a seatbelt on the toilet next day.

I’m not an expert on the feminine gender, so I’ll limit my next sentence to males. We are designed to be inherently conflicted. Even in childhood, we appear to get into trouble more often than the rest of us. ADD too is more prevalent in us.

I’m still looking for the upside for us. I know I’m experiencing it, but can’t mail it down in thoughts, forget words. ADD again!

Do males generally come with a sunny disposition?

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