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Gavinco - Culture

Since the commercialization of video games in the 1970s, this business has been mostly popular with young kids, Gavin said. But since then, video games have grown at a furious pace, and Gavin proceeded to chart the rise of video games in culture, business, and life.

Gavinco - Culture

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For over thirty years, Gavin taught Western Civilization to undergraduate students at John Jay College of Criminal Justice-CUNY. His research and publications include studies of central European history, Sumerian civilization, Athenian politics and religion, print and culture in the Renaissance, and the decipherment of Egyptian writing. With historian Thomas H. Greer, Gavin co-authored A Brief History of the Western World, a widely-used undergraduate textbook. Gavin is also the author of Church and Party in Political Catholicism: The Clergy and the Christian Social Party in Lower Austria, 1887-1907; Tomás Masaryk; Close-Ups of the Past: Western Civilization Case Studies; and WCIV. He also worked as a book editor, editing countless works of scholarship for major university presses.

Additionally, the United States has a fast-paced culture, valuing a quick profit over quality and long-term economic sustainability. We live in a culture dominated by fossil fuels, fast fashion, and a disconnect from the people and places that produce the food and products we purchase. Many of the current industries in the US are not able to continue growing even within the next twenty years. It is imperative that we invest in systems that can outlast outdated systems relying on substances that are becoming increasingly limited. These issues show how much work we still have to do in terms of economic sustainability.

My first study abroad experience was a month in Paris on a UAB faculty-led trip. I was awarded the Dr. William E. Doggett III Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship in Foreign Languages and Literatures, and that helped make the trip a reality by offsetting many expenses. My mornings were spent in French classes at a language institute in the heart of the city, and I had the afternoons to explore Paris and immerse myself in the culture. 041b061a72


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