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Download ^HOT^ File 13-02-23-franq.pdf

ScotRail has just told us about an excellent feature on the National Rail Enquiries website, it's called Pocket Timetables and it will produce a custom timetable which you can read, or download as a .pdf file, containing journey information in four hour slots for outward and for return journeys on the day(s) of your choice.

Download File 13-02-23-franq.pdf


Since writing the above ScotRail has informed us of another website that offers a similar service, with whole day's timetables being given. This is Swiss Railways page: -timetable/pdf-timetables/personal-pocket-timetable/download.html

If you are travelling along the Far North Line you might like to enhance your journey by downloading our guide, written by Richard Ardern, one of our committee members and very prolific article writer for Far North Express!

If you would like to join The Friends of The Far North Line please either visit our joining page, where you can join instantly using PayPal, or download, print out and complete the applicationform. If you prefer, you can phone our Membership Secretary on +44 (0)1334 475311. Annual membership is only 15.00 (12.00 if you set up a standing order) for individuals and 17.00 for corporate or organisation membership. 041b061a72


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