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Smart Array P410i License Key 12: Benefits, Options, and Installation Steps

hp smart array p410i provides essential qualities to achieve the common objectives of businesses/teams of the high availability of data, maintaining lower operating cost and producing a higher performance. so, why not to talk about dr solutions with hp smart array?

smart array p410i license key 12


hp smart array p410i controller features the following technologies: it is based on the new hp proliant technology -- an all-new, reliable, enterprise-class platform with patented, integrated features that help to improve server performance, availability, data management and energy efficiency.

smart array technology provides direct sata connectivity that eliminates the scsi layer and gives hp proliant a single low-latency interface that can be used to connect sata and sas drives. smart array controllers are ideal for use in raid applications.

small form factor with 12 hotswap drive slots for integration, reliable performance with industry-leading reliability and data durability, and industry-leading pcie performance for next-generation enterprise and datacenter storage systems.

this document presents the following configuration and the related steps. in hp proliant dl380 g7 servers with installed hp smart array p410i controller, we will configure raid level 1 using powervault 6. 0 as the array virtual disk, and can increase the capacity up to 128tb.

this article is based on the following hp document: hp smart array p410i configuration guide, version 8. hp smartarray p410i configuration guide, revision a. if the smart array p410i controller receives the license key required to run hp software manager, the license status tab shows registered. the license key information is listed in license key. hp secureboot 2. 0 requires secure boot firmware on a pc. there is also one emulator. smart array p410i controller and install. the smart array controller sas drivers 6. 0 can be installed on any computer running microsoft windows 8, windows 7, or windows vista that has at least 32 gb of ram and can be configured for the advanced extensible connectivity (aex) options that are required for hp smart array p410i controller installation. hp smart array p410i controller sas drivers 6. 0 installation when the installation of the software is started from the auto download window, the license key will be checked in the license key field. after the operating system restart, the license key will be activated. if the software is available, hp smartarray p410i controller sas drivers 6. 0 will be installed. if the software is not available, the installation will fail. in this case, make sure that all the required drivers, operating systems and keyboards are installed and that your computer meets the system requirements for the software to be installed. for more information, see the on the web section below. 0 application for information about running smart array p410i controller sas drivers 6. 0 software on linux or unix platform, see the on the web section below. hp smartarray p410i controller sas drivers 6.


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