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Pretty Son Nu...

Dan-tae quickly endears himself to Joon-soo's grandmother, who entrusts him with the task of finding Joon-pyo. In the meantime, Gong Shim is selected to be the personal secretary of Joon-soo's father, because she is considered ugly and his wife thinks it is better to have an unqualified but not pretty secretary. Gong Shim gradually starts settling in at her company, with the help of Joon-soo, for whom she falls. Dan-tae, however, is becoming jealous of her affection towards their mutual friend. It also starts to be clear that Dan-tae might be the long lost Joon-pyo, although he does not remember his painful past of being kidnapped and witnessing his mother's death. Gong Mi becomes her sister's rival when she accidentally meets Joon-soo and decides to get closer to him, because he is rich.

Pretty son nu...


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