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KPG-46 Software: The Ultimate Guide for Programming Kenwood Devices

We do not send or email you the software. Please read carefully. Before your software is available to download, we will need to authorize your order. This means a member of staff will check eligibility and due-diligence. Once this is complete, you can download this software from Your Downloadable Products area of our website.

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Some programming software may require an obsolete operating system such as M.S. DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows 95/98, or Windows XP for example. You can usually run obsolete operating systems inside virtualization software such as VirtualBox virtualization software. The obsolete operating systems can usually be legally obtained from WinWorld.

For convenience, we offer software for download instead of physical CD delivery. Software provided by Radiotronics is supplied free of charge. Any fee you pay to us in the process of obtaining software should be regarded as a "download and administration fee", which simply covers the cost of data file storage and the bandwidth used when downloading the software. The "download and administration fee" can range from $0 to $250 and is directly proportional to the size of the files and the number of files available for download. Any software Radiotronics provides will remain the property of the manufacturer and, whilst you are free to use it to configure your radio or device, you will NOT own the software.

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