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Delivery From The Pain Big Brothers Legend

Delivery from the Pain Big Brothers Legend

Delivery from the Pain Big Brothers Legend is a downloadable content (DLC) for the survival game Delivery from the Pain:Survival / 末日方舟:生存, developed by DigiPotato and released on Steam on August 21, 2019. The DLC introduces new story content, played through a different character's eyes, and introduces a new companion, in addition to a new area and new monsters.



The DLC follows the story of Big Brother, the antagonist of the base game, and his relationship with Moira, a mysterious girl who claims to be his sister. The player will learn more about Big Brother's past, his motivations, and his secrets, as well as the truth behind the zombie apocalypse. The DLC also features a new ending that reveals the fate of Big Brother and Moira after the events of the base game.


The DLC adds new gameplay elements to the base game, such as:

  • A new pet: a dog named Hamburger, who can help the player scavenge resources and fight zombies. Hamburger is more energetic in toxic areas and can be fed and trained by the player.

  • A new map: a lumberyard, where the player can find wood and other materials for crafting and building. The lumberyard also has new enemies and challenges for the player to face.

  • A new character: a man who worked for Big Brother in his previous gang. He will appear in the DLC and offer trade and information to the player.

  • A new mode: an assist mode, where the player can get unlimited survival supply packs to explore the new story without worrying about resources. Alternatively, the player can choose a survival mode with increased difficulty for a more challenging experience.

  • A new cooking system: the player can send gifts to Moira to improve their relationship and get surprises from her.


The DLC received mostly positive reviews from players on Steam, who praised its story, characters, and gameplay. Some of the comments are:

"This DLC is amazing! It adds so much depth to Big Brother's character and makes you sympathize with him. The story is touching and emotional, and the ending is satisfying. The gameplay is also fun and challenging, with new features and mechanics. I highly recommend this DLC to anyone who enjoyed the base game."

"I really liked this DLC. It shows a different perspective of the zombie apocalypse and reveals some secrets that were not explained in the base game. The relationship between Big Brother and Moira is very interesting and complex. The new pet, map, character, and mode are also great additions to the game."

"This DLC is worth every penny. It has a lot of content and replay value. The story is engaging and immersive, with twists and surprises. The gameplay is varied and enjoyable, with new options and strategies. The graphics and music are also well-done. This is one of the best DLCs I have ever played."


Delivery from the Pain Big Brothers Legend is a DLC that expands and enriches the base game Delivery from the Pain:Survival / 末日方舟:生存. It offers a new story, a new companion, a new map, a new character, a new mode, and a new cooking system. It has received mostly positive feedback from players who appreciated its story, characters, and gameplay. It is available on Steam for free for players who own the base game. For more information about the DLC, you can watch these videos or visit its Steam page.


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