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Samsung’s Note 2 Could Come With Semi-Flexible Screen

I have a note 2. I Dropped it picked it up screen was black, Everything else seems ok, Ive tried everything, Ive had it completely apart checked everything, Put back together turned it on played its little tune everything seems normal with sound just black screen, Plus lights at bottom not working. Help please.

Samsung’s Note 2 Could Come With Semi-Flexible Screen

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i have the note 4 and i always go to the gym with it. i got in the sauna for 10 minutes like i always do but this time the screen got completely black after that. I guess it was overheading or i got some water inside for the humidity. It did nor work for 1 day but somehow it began to work normally next day.. I guess it was a problem because the humidity and as soon as it got dry inside that fix the problem. Hope this answer solves some of your problem. Sorry for my writting.

I had the same issue with my Note 3. My phone is always in the waterproof case and never drop bad, but one day, the screen went black. I tried to do everything like removed battery, hold the power button for a minute for so many time, but nothing work. I could just only see the green light when I started the phone, the home and the back button when I pressed the home button. I thought my phone LCD went bad, it would be costly to replace. The next day, I just disassembly my phone ( =XJlsLUNs...) then put it back together. After finished, I tried to turn on again for couple time, and the LCD working again. I just went back and reset my phone and it's still working ok now.

Hi, I have a 2018 Galaxy A7 with a black screen. I have done all the usual things like press and hold the down volume and power button. Did the same when a charger is in, and strangely the logo will appear then disappear after 5 seconds. If I press and hold the down volume and power button when charging the logo screen will come up with a buzzing every 5 seconds again, once I then take my fingers off the buttons it will not do anything. So at least the screen is actually working. I have also placed a intutu charger in so I can see if the charge is going to the phone but it does not seem to decrease in stored charge. So does this mean a battery issue?

The screen just dimmed with nothing appearing on the screen. I thought it might have been the wrong charger, but after a few tries of different samsung compatible chargers, time only made the difference. So, I charge the phone when the screen goes dark for about a couple.of hours. Then remove the charger and let stand. In about 3 hours the phone will renew and it will perform like brand new. I m only able to use this until it's down about 47% then it'll repeat itself. Since I couldn't get a replacement phone from my provider, the on and off thing is the only way I can gave a phone. I can't pay for another one since I'm already making payments on this one for 24 months as it is.

I've personally replaced about 30 screens. I've had one break on am LCD that was not attached to the mid-frame properly (the sticker covering the adhesive was not even removed!) Therefore when I applied the slightest amount of pressure the whole LCD shattered! I almost think the phone is a knock-off. The second one I've had issue with is the Note 2 currently in my possession. The backlight (LCD) won't show a picture, but the touchscreen is working as well as the home button and menu/back buttons. I think I'll try the fix stated above regarding loosening the screws surrounding the headphone jack. If that doesn't work, I'll try the front facing camera/led/sensor as I noticed that the screw took an unusual amount of torque to reattach. And if worse comes to worse I'll remove the glass, clean the lcd, inspect the cables, the top portion of the lcd where the digitizer, lcd and backlight attach. I really hate making customers wait, but at the same time I have them all sign a waiver that states, "replacing/repairing the glass on today's devices takes a high amount of skill. There is some danger involved which includes rendering your screen useless..." Two out of 30+ isn't bad considering the different breaks that I receive. I've refined my process, purchased a screen removal machine, and insisted that repairs take place on my time. Being rushed causes so many issues, including over application of the glue or missing steps (like forgetting to replace the home button).

I have a galaxy S3 (att). My problem is I used my phone it was fine then the last thing I remember was putting it in m back pocket when I got home I plugged it up because when I used it last it was almost I plugged it up went back later and my phone u could here it come on the home screen and what knot lit up but there is nothing on my screen well now when u hit the lock button u can see the top partial of my back ground then it just goes black!! My front screen there is NO cracks nothing its in perfect condition!!! That's what is throwing me off!!! Anyone tell me what I can do to fix this or any insight of what I could do to fix it or what parts do I need to buy and if I have to buy any part please direct me to a good place to purchase them TIA :) HAVE A GOOD DAY

I've just done a charger port replacement on my galaxy s5, have put everything back together, but now have no screen...LED lights come on, but no picture. I have checked i connected it back up properly and can't see anything wrong..! Does anyone know what could have happened? Many thanks.

The fourth Samsung concept, called the Flex Slideable, looks like a normal phone until you extend the screen to the right with an unrolling motion. In the video, the screen only stretches out an inch or two more, but it's enough extra display to fit two columns of app icons. You could swap to another app without having to navigate to the home screen first.

This prototype featured a display that could be folded in half without resulting in a visible crease in the middle, by using advanced AMOLED screen technology. During tests, the researchers found that brightness at the hinge decreased by just 6% after 100,000 folding/unfolding cycles.

In October 2008, Sony published results of research it carried out with the Max Planck Institute over the possibility of mass-market bending displays, which could replace rigid LCDs and plasma screens. Eventually, bendable, see-through displays could be stacked to produce 3D images with much greater contrast ratios and viewing angles than existing products.[204]

Huawai's Mate XMotorola also has a foldable smartphone, the RAZR, that's similar to the Galaxy Z Flip. It's designed to look like the traditional Motorola RAZR flip phone, but with a screen that folds in half to provide a full-screen experience. Other smartphone companies have come out with foldable phones, but prices continue to be high.

This phone is incredible. Everything works smartly and the S pen works very well (much better than for example on Note 10.1 tablet). The camera is not that important to me, as I much prefer even a quality compact with RAW shooting over a phone (not to mention an ILC or a DSLR). But the phone's camera comes in handy with the occational snap, taking notes, copying receipts/articles, etc and videos (120 fps recording is useful for me). The screen is of course a pleasure to use.

The "Armor Aluminum" body can also make holding it feels like grappling with the world's most expensive bar of soap, so a good case with a screen and camera lens protector is recommended, which adds even more weight and heft. After the screen crease, this is likely the other factor that will put people off a Z Fold, though they could always opt for a Z Flip instead.

Why use a phone when a computer/laptop/tablet can do a better job? That statement has long been true, of course, thanks mainly to their larger screens, better software, more power, and the fact they're usually just more intuitive. Nobody would claim the Z Fold 4 could take the place of those devices, but it's about the closest we've ever come.

Honor's flagship foldable takes a similar approach to its former parent company, Huawei's. It's a really big device with a large flexible display on the inside and a full-sized screen on the outside. You get lots of screen real estate then, and both displays offer a great visual experience. It folds flush, which is a big draw, and has some impressive specifications. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 runs the show, and Honor's Android skin comes with all the proper Play Store compatibility. It's a great option for those who want a big screened foldable.

So what to watch? Vudu is my go-to streaming service for movies, and I own close to 300 titles and have rented many more. I decided to take in some scenes from No Time to Die and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. While I could tell these were not UHD streams, the overall quality left me more than a bit impressed. Motion resolution is good, as expected from DLP, and holds up well with a lot of action on screen.

If you are looking to emulate the brightness of a typical TV that's optimized for SDR viewing in evening ambient light, that's going to be around 100-nit peak luminance. And with the Standard picture mode with the Brightness turned up to 50, you get that on a typical white painted wall at approximately 55 or 60 inches diagonal. If you choose to use calibrated Movie mode instead, true TV-like brightness is achieved for an image size up to 50 inches, although you can get away with 55 inches. It would be best if you still dimmed the lights to get a punchy image, but this is the size where it looks almost like a TV. Also, buying a small ALR (ambient light rejecting) screen could be a good way to extend the utility of The Freestyle, especially for daytime viewing.

There are effects you use in conjunction with the translucent lens cap. I want to say that it has a little bit of the lava lamp flavor to it; you could dim the rest of the lights and bliss out on the soft, organic, changing, colorful diffuse patterns put out by this cool little projector. Of course, you can also have it play music simultaneously, so simple relaxation and meditation are among the potential uses. And while it would be extravagant to have multiple Freestyle projectors acting as ambient lights in the same room, it would also be unbelievably awesome. Once you free your mind of what you normally expect from a projector, the ingenuity of Samsung's design becomes apparent. It's not just a projector and a smart speaker; it's also a smart lamp with the ability to put on fancy light shows. Can your projector do that?


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