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The Benefits of Playing Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery - A Review by a Real Player

Hidden Hotel: A Guide to Finding and Enjoying Secret Accommodations

If you are looking for a different and exciting way to travel, you might want to consider staying in a hidden hotel. A hidden hotel is a type of accommodation that is not widely advertised or easily accessible, but offers a unique and memorable experience for those who discover it. In this article, we will explain what a hidden hotel is, why you should stay in one, how to find one, and how to enjoy one.

What is a hidden hotel?

A hidden hotel is a hotel that is not well-known or visible to the general public. It could be located in a secluded or remote area, tucked away in a side street or alley, disguised as something else, or simply not listed on any mainstream booking sites. A hidden hotel usually has a distinctive style, theme, or story that sets it apart from other hotels. It could be an old mansion, a converted warehouse, a historic building, or even a secret room in another hotel. A hidden hotel often provides personalized service, cozy atmosphere, and exclusive amenities that make guests feel special and pampered.

hidden hotel


The benefits of staying in a hidden hotel

There are many reasons why you might want to stay in a hidden hotel. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can enjoy more privacy and tranquility, as there are fewer guests and less noise.

  • You can experience something new and different, as each hidden hotel has its own charm and character.

  • You can save money, as hidden hotels tend to be cheaper than mainstream hotels.

  • You can support local businesses and communities, as hidden hotels are often run by independent owners and operators.

The challenges of finding a hidden hotel

Of course, finding a hidden hotel is not always easy. Some of the challenges are:

  • You need to do more research and planning, as hidden hotels are not readily available or searchable online.

  • You need to be flexible and adventurous, as hidden hotels may have limited availability, facilities, or services.

  • You need to be careful and cautious, as hidden hotels may have lower standards of safety, security, or hygiene.

How to find a hidden hotel?

If you are interested in staying in a hidden hotel, here are some tips on how to find one:

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Use online platforms and apps

While most hidden hotels are not advertised on popular booking sites, there are some online platforms and apps that specialize in finding and listing them. For example:

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

This is an app that combines seek-and-find games with hotel design and renovation. You can explore the mysterious story of an old hotel in Miami, find hidden clues and objects, and create your own style for each room. You can also chat with other players, send gifts, and compete on the leaderboard. The app is available for Android devices.

Hidden Hotel Paris

This is a four-star hotel that offers trendy rooms, patio, and bar. It is located near the Arc de Triomphe, but tucked away in a quiet side street. It has a cozy and elegant atmosphere with natural materials, colors, and fragrances. It also provides delicious food and drinks, room service, and various packages for different occasions. You can book your stay on their website.

Hidden Hotel - Facebook

This is a Facebook page that features various hidden hotels around the world, such as in Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco, and more. It showcases the photos, videos, and reviews of these hotels, as well as their locations and contact details. You can follow the page to get updates and inspiration for your next trip.

Ask for recommendations and referrals

Another way to find a hidden hotel is to ask for recommendations and referrals from people who have stayed in one before. You can ask your friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances if they know any hidden hotels that they enjoyed or heard about. You can also join online forums, groups, or communities that are related to travel, hotels, or your destination. You can post your questions, requests, or preferences, and get suggestions and feedback from other members. You can also read blogs, articles, or guides that feature hidden hotels and their stories.

Explore off-the-beaten-path locations

A third way to find a hidden hotel is to explore off-the-beaten-path locations that are not frequented by tourists or travelers. You can look for places that are less popular, less crowded, less developed, or less accessible. You can use maps, guides, or apps to find these places, or you can simply wander around and see what you can discover. You might stumble upon a hidden hotel that is hidden in plain sight, or you might have to ask the locals for directions or clues. Either way, you will have a more adventurous and authentic experience.

How to enjoy a hidden hotel?

Once you have found a hidden hotel, here are some tips on how to enjoy it:

Appreciate the unique design and atmosphere

One of the main attractions of a hidden hotel is its unique design and atmosphere that reflect its history, culture, or personality. You should take the time to appreciate the details and features of the hotel, such as the architecture, furniture, art, lighting, music, or scent. You should also notice how the hotel makes you feel, whether it is cozy, romantic, mysterious, or relaxing. You should try to immerse yourself in the mood and vibe of the hotel.

Interact with the staff and other guests

Another way to enjoy a hidden hotel is to interact with the staff and other guests who share your interest and curiosity. You should be friendly and polite with the staff who work at the hotel, and thank them for their service and hospitality. You should also try to chat with other guests who stay at the hotel, and exchange stories, tips, or opinions. You might make new friends or connections who can enrich your travel experience.

Try the local food and drinks

A third way to enjoy a hidden hotel is to try the local food and drinks that are offered by the hotel or nearby restaurants. You should sample the dishes and beverages that are typical of the region or culture where the hotel is located. You should also ask for recommendations or suggestions from the staff or other guests who know the best places to eat or drink. You might discover new flavors or favorites that will make your stay more delicious and memorable.


A hidden hotel is a type of accommodation that is not widely advertised or easily accessible, but offers a unique and memorable experience for those who discover it. It has many benefits such as privacy, novelty, affordability, and local support. However, it also has some challenges such as research, flexibility, and caution. To find a hidden hotel, you can use online platforms and apps, ask for recommendations and referrals, or explore off-the-beaten-path locations. To enjoy a hidden hotel, you can appreciate the unique design and atmosphere, interact with the staff and other guests, or try the local food and drinks. A hidden hotel can be a great way to spice up your travel and make it more fun and memorable.


Here are some frequently asked questions about hidden hotels:

  • What are some examples of hidden hotels?

Some examples of hidden hotels are: The Library Hotel in New York, which is themed after the Dewey Decimal System and has rooms filled with books; The Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, which has rooms with different artistic concepts such as a flying bed, a mirror room, or a coffin room; The Giraffe Manor in Kenya, which is a luxury hotel where guests can feed and interact with giraffes; The Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile, which is shaped like a volcano and has a waterfall cascading from the top; and The Icehotel in Sweden, which is made entirely of ice and snow and has to be rebuilt every year.

  • How can I book a hidden hotel?

The best way to book a hidden hotel is to contact the hotel directly through their website, phone, email, or social media. You can also use online platforms and apps that specialize in finding and listing hidden hotels, such as Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, Hidden Hotel Paris, or Hidden Hotel - Facebook. You should book your stay as early as possible, as hidden hotels may have limited availability or capacity.</


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