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Best Buy Customer Service Live Chat !!EXCLUSIVE!!

So I should start off by saying that I think Best Buy is a great company and I am a frequent Best Buy customer (Elite Plus Member). However, I had a really poor occurance with one of my online orders and went to the live chat customer support team for help. The treatment that I received there was unacceptable and frankly really disappointing. I've noticed a pattern that when something does go really wrong, the standard "customer service" team always proves of little to no help to me. This is the 3rd time I've had to address my concerns over a situation elsewhere because the standard Best Buy "customer service team" did not help address the issue.

best buy customer service live chat

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This agent explained he was the "floor supervisor" and asked how he could help. I breifly reiterated my concerns and questions and to my dismay he gave me more of the same deflections the previous agent gave me. When I explained that I really would like to request a credit to my account he gave me the same "we expediated your shipping already." When I explained that while I appreciated the expediated shipping, I did not feel that was a gesture of good faith to me as a customer, but rather just a proper correction to the incident, the response I received was "we will not provide compensation." When I explained that I could not deliver the incorrect item to a store nor print the label and asked if they could possible arrange a pick up I was told "we cannot arrange a pick up for this item, you need to drop it off." No matter how many times I tried to further explain myself or give clarity to my 2 request I was reguritated the same, non-helpful information, over and over again, as if I was speaking with an automated chat system. Worse yet, the agent kept asking "is there anything else I can help you with?" even though he would not or could not address my concerns.

Extremely frustrated at this point I asked if there was anyone else I could speak with because I felt I was not being valued here and that my concerns were not being appropriately addressed. The agent told me that he was the last person I could speak with. I then asked if there was a different unit I could speak with that would possibly be more helpful and he said that he was "not authorized to provide that information." I then asked who was authorized to provide said information and he responded "I do not have that information." I asked "so you cannot help me? Nor can you tell me who I can speak to that might be able to help me and geniunely listen to my concerns?" and he said "No one at Best buy will be able to help you." This statement was frankly a bit shocking and greatly belittled me as a customers. At the root of it all, I do not believe my requests were outrageous or even unreasonable, and the complete disregard for even attempting to make a resolve was very dissappointed. As a last message I stated that I was very unsatisified, that my concerns were not validated nor even appropriately addressed, and that I would seek help elsewhere, and then left the chat.

All of this brought me here, and I am now hoping I can speak with someone who will actually listen to my concerns and provide reasonable resolve. As a brief recap: 1) During a global pandemic I do not think it's appropriate that I be requested to use my personal resources and time, and risk my own personal health and well-being, to return an inexpensive item that was sent to me in error. 2) I'd like at least the opportunity to request a credit to my account as a compensation for this, now even more frustrating, circumstance that had no reasonable explanation. I understand that not every agent may have the authority to grant my requests, but I do feel that basic customer service would dictate escalation or passing me along to another resource that may be able to help further. In this experience I was virtually told "no" over and over again and denied any means to seek help elsewhere. I find that extremely unprofessional and disappointing.

Contact information related to Best Buy customer service, customer support and technical support can be found below. Please feel free to update any of the Best Buy customer support information we have to make sure our site is kept as current as possible.

Best Buy in Watertown, Mass., isn't merely a bad store; it's a horrendously awful one. If you have the leisure time to physically go there anytime you have a problem or question, you are likely to find the sales crew friendly and attentive. But you will seldom if ever reach anyone on the phone. Management has made the spectacularly stupid decision to divert its calls to a "Call Center," which is located in a completely different town. "Call Center" will then go through the motions of "transferring" you to the Watertown store, where you will listen to the phone ring indefinitely, only to be picked up, eventually, by none other than the same "Call Center"! If you complain about this colossally aggravating runaround, you'll hear that store staff are "frustrated" by the phone system as well. Yet nothing ever changes. If you do encounter the fluke of someone actually picking up the phone at the Watertown store, you will get disconnected the first time they put you on hold and/or told that someone you've requested to speak with will "call you back" -- but that won't happen either. It's a profound mystery how this store is able to remain open and actually sell anything, since its customer "service" rivals Dante's Nine Circles of Hell.

It certainly builds on the retailer's broader push into services, including a new Geek Squad program, "Total Tech Support," in Canada and the U.S. that provides support for a customer's tech no matter where or when they bought it, as well as its focus ...

Either way, I was heartened to learn that, in a recent survey, 71% of customers already expect brands to offer customer support messaging. Many customers like me want to be able to solve problems on their own through self-service instead of having to hop on a phone call -- and that's where chatbots can help.

Chatbots are growing in popularity, and one common use case is for live customer service chat, where customers can start communicating with a chatbot to resolve routine service issues -- with the option to connect with a live human agent to solve more complicated problems.

However, implementing a chatbot into your customer service team can be tricky. So, in this post, we'll review how you should be using chatbots for customer service and break down some best practices to keep in mind when implementing one on your site.

Chatbots have become one of the most popular channels for customer service inquiries. Customers can quickly engage with website content and use self-service support options in a live environment without meeting face to face with a service rep. This gives customers the ability to problem solve on demand and reduces the load on organizations' service teams.

Customer service reps enjoy chatbots because they free up time spent answering basic questions on the phone with customers. These simple requests take up 70-80% of the typical rep's day, and if chatbots take over those quick fixes, customers would be happier avoiding a phone call and customer service reps would have more time for proactive customer support.

Another benefit of adopting a chatbot is that customers would receive faster responses. When it comes to simple problems, it's tough for humans to beat a computer's lightning-fast processors that can sort through thousands of keywords each second. That's why bots are an excellent extension of your knowledge base, FAQs, and community forums, where they can distribute resources based on the customer's comments.

Additionally, when chatbots are working effectively, businesses save money. As of now, chatbots don't get paid, so management can use bots to expand the reach of their team without hiring more reps. This makes chatbots an attractive, cost-effective solution for understaffed service teams.

Now that we've made our case for chatbots, let's break down how you should be using them for customer service. Here are some examples of companies using chatbots effectively (and what you can learn from each one).

One of the best things about customer service chatbots is how they enable customers to help themselves. InboundLabs does this well by integrating its chatbot with a knowledge base, so users can make a query and receive relevant, helpful content from the chatbot.

Key Take-Away: Having users set the course of the interaction by providing their own context sets the conversation up for success. The chatbot can learn exactly what the customer needs and surface helpful information, or quickly assign them to a live agent that will help them get there.

Pipeline Ops has a chatbot on its website that collects customer information on the front end. By doing this, an anonymous site visitor becomes a lead that has shared contact information without ever being contacted by a live agent.

Key Take-Away:Chatbots on your website can do some of the admin work when it comes to prospecting. After all, proper segmentation can help you deliver great experiences at scale when it comes to serving up content and qualifying prospects. In fact, Drift surveyed B2B professionals across various industries and found that 54.8% of respondents reported that they receive a greater volume of high-quality leads with chatbot tools.

The best bots create genuine customer experiences that are indistinguishable from an interaction with a live agent. 77 Plastic Surgery embodies this with its chatbot that streamlines new customer inquiries by documenting their area of interest and surfacing relevant information.

Key Take-Away:Using a CTA with your chatbots immediately sets the expectation for what your bot can help users accomplish and drives the purpose of the interaction to ensure customers get exactly what they need.

UrbanStems is an ecommerce marketplace for flowers and plants. Its website has a chat bot feature that surfaces FAQ and responses so users can find common solutions to their needs. It also features a Live Chat button that visitors can click to be transferred to a live agent for more pressing issues. 041b061a72


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