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Fn (1).rar

In the body of the email: Make a note of the password you set in step 1 and attach the .zip or .rar archive as well as any screenshots. Include any background information where you found the sample and, if applicable, the Technical Support case number.

fn (1).rar

Download File:

Godox's firmware updates can often add C.Fn to a flash's menu to either add a new feautre (like ID codes) or fix a bug. If it isn't in the online documentation (which occasionally gets updated for this) then it should be in the firmware revision history PDF that comes in the latest firmware download .rar archive.

But we still have the mystery setting 43, which should be a row in that table between BL and ID. Which, unfortunately, is NOT mentioned in the firmware update .rar's PDF. [headdesk]. (I used to be a professional tech writer. Ask me how many times the engineers forget to tell the writers about new features that need to be added to the docs. Not their fault; they're overworked as hell and documentation is often very very low on the totem pole of priorities).

The file it downloads is a .rar which requires third party software to open. Most people in the enthusiast community use the free trial of a program called WinRAR, available here. It's safe software that can be uninstalled afterward if you so choose. After installing WinRAR (or a similar program, there are some available for free from the Windows 10 Store), locate the file from Redragon, right click it, and click "Open with WinRAR. (or other software)" If right-clicking does not show this option, open the file normally and WinRAR or your software of choice should open it on its own. In the file is a program called "setup.exe," which you should then run to install the software. 041b061a72


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