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[S6E8] Furniture

So, in order to create some much needed space in their treasure room, Finn and Jake decide to hit the city to burn all this grease. But will the power of money consume our adolescent heroes? Just ask all this furniture and meat.

[S6E8] Furniture

Finn then calls some Wildberry citizens and calls them to buy some furniture and meat for their fountain home, and to keep the change for themselves. They thank him but say that they are middle class. Jake still persuades them to get it, and the same guard appears and says no furniture or meat in the fountain. Jake tries to bribe him again by giving a diamond and a golden cup, but the strawberry guard says they can't bribe him twice. Jake gives him more treasure and the guard says maybe they can bribe him twice and goes away. As time passes, it is seen that they had brought furniture and meat but still have tons of gold. Jake notices a citizen and gives him some money to do anything, so he starts dancing. Jake is amused by it, and says it to Finn and he is also pleased.

It is now night time and the duo enter a random wildberry citizen's house, where a couple is seen sleeping. Jake clears his throat and the couple turn the light on. They get scared seeing Finn and Jake and shout they are getting robbed, but Finn tells them they are not here to rob, but to give them money. Jake says he would give him a bag of money if they do what he says, so they agree. He tells them to change the sides of the bed where they were sleeping, so they change the sides but the wildberry citizen's wife is angry with it, as her husband sleeps near the wall. Jake then tells the guy to sleep on his back to which he disagrees, so Jake starts to go away taking all the money he was gonna give. They tell him to wait, and says there may be another way to get all the coins. Jake agrees and then tells them they can get all the gold they can eat. The scene changes to the kitchen where they are starting to eat the gold but can't. Jake goes to the toolshed to get them their 'desserts'. Finn apologizes for Jake's way and gives them a bag of gold for free. They start eating those but Finn says they're not to eat. Finn then goes to Jake to see him bringing out some dusty furniture. Jake says to Finn that he will make them wipe the dust off by licking them, but Finn disagrees, and is disappointed. Jake says they are doing themselves and he is not persuading them, so it's okay. Finn then takes the matter to make Jake see the error of his way.

Monk looks around the room where the bodies were found, and uses his photographic memory to recreate the room as it had been back then from reference points, as the arrangement of the furniture is different from 14 years ago. For instance, a sandbox now exists where the wife's body was found. He asks the Gelbertson boys if they ever have found unusual things like shell casings or bone fragments while playing outside. But then Monk notices a crucial clue: scratch marks on a sliding door to the room that were made by a dog. The Gelbertsons mention that the marks had been there when they first moved in, and Monk is perplexed: he doesn't remember seeing a dog at the original crime scene investigation in 1993. But Randy looks at the file and notes that actually, the Davises did have a Doberman Pinscher, but it died just the day before the murders. They buried it by a pine tree in the backyard. The obvious conclusion is that the killer must have murdered the dog to get him out of the way, and even though 14 years have passed, there ought to be enough solid remains for them to do toxicology tests to check for poison. 041b061a72


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