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Gmat Test Prep Book Reviews [CRACKED]

GMAT test prep books give students an idea of exam format, content, and structure. They provide an explanation of the verbal and quantitative reasoning skills that students must use to answer questions. GMAT prep books often include practice tests and practice questions from past GMAT exams.

gmat test prep book reviews

You do not need to be a business student to understand the content of a GMAT prep book. The GMAT does not assess business skills. Instead, it tests critical thinking, quantitative and verbal reasoning, and analytical writing ability.

The top GMAT test prep books advise the best study strategies and time-saving tips. Students who study using a GMAT test prep book gain familiarity with the test and practice using the skills they will be tested on.

The following list includes GMAT test prep books (listed alphabetically) that we believe could benefit students preparing for the GMAT. We analyzed features like pricing, content, and instructional delivery options.

Some GMAT test preparation books can be expensive. If paying for test prep books is a struggle for you, consider looking for discounted used books online and at bookstores. Some libraries and schools offer copies that students can rent, download, or photocopy at no charge.

Yes, the official GMAT test prep books can be enough to prepare you to score well on the exam. The Graduate Management Admission Council publishes many different GMAT guides and test preparation materials that focus on specific parts of the exam.

The Master in Business Administration journey starts from GMAT preparation to internships and jobs. For now, let's focus on your GMAT exam preparation - finding the right study materials, creating a study plan, and ultimately acing the test.

When it comes to GMAT prep books, it will be a challenging feat in itself, considering the number of GMAT books available in the market. The best prep book needs to be comprehensive yet easy to understand.

Manhattan's Complete GMAT Guide is one of the best GMAT prep books today. Based on our review, it's a best seller in the business school guide section. The Manhattan Prep GMAT bundle provides a comprehensive overview of all topics in the GMAT test.

This GMAT prep study material may benefit students who have enough time to prepare for the GMAT exam test day, considering the number of practice tests provided. Each GMAT question is also a bit tougher than the real test, giving you quite a challenge.

The Manhattan GMAT books are some of the best GMAT prep books available, and they will benefit you if you're looking for conceptual learning rather than strategy. If you have a lot of time for preparation and are serious about following a study schedule, these books are a must.

The GMAT Official Guide bundle is an updated study guide written by the actual test-makers of GMAT. It includes tools and GMAT questions from the past GMAT exams, and it is among our top picks of the best GMAT prep books.

The three GMAT prep course books included in the Official Guide bundle are GMAT Review, GMAT Quantitative Review Guide, and GMAT Verbal Review Guide. It also provides access to exclusive online videos from test-makers sharing tips on how to crack GMAT.

Based on our research, the Veritas GMAT books are among the top available books for GMAT preparation as it provides both classroom and internet approaches to learning. These features made it stand out among the best GMAT books around.

We like how the test prep book provides a live chat option that answers your queries in an instant. There's also a progress report where you can compare your scores against the average GMAT scored for business school admission.

Kaplan is one of the most well-known test book providers for GRE, GMAT, and other tests. Most students find this study guide helpful in building a strong foundation on the subject areas for GMAT preparation.

Kaplan's GMAT Prep Plus 2020 Official Guide contains six full-length GMAT practice tests, five of which are available online. It also provides in-depth explanations of concepts and answers. This study prep book includes numerous strategies and tips to handle different kinds of exam questions and problems. With these features, it's no wonder it landed on our list of the best GMAT books.

The Princeton Review's Cracking the GMAT book is one of the best GMAT prep books for those who have less time preparing for the GMAT. Based on previous research, Princeton Review's books are useful study materials to start with.

Also, you won't be able to master the verbal section by studying this book alone. Still, it'll help to learn the basics like identifying errors in a sentence, understanding how passages are constructed, and learning how to analyze its outline. Overall, it deserves its place on our list of the best GMAT prep books.

The PowerScore GMAT preparation book is one of the most-popular GMAT critical reasoning prep books. This study guide helps users understand GMAT argumentation, recognize question types, and separate the correct answer from incorrect answers. It provides strategies and approaches to different questions.

The book explains the test-taking strategies for identifying errors in parts of the speech, the appropriate approach to correct single and multiple errors, techniques for resolving possible errors, and the art of eliminating answer choices when solving the questions.

The PowerScore GMAT Reading Comprehension Bible is one of the best GMAT prep books if you want to improve your reading comprehension skills. Many students find the theory questions and techniques helpful during their review.

It includes anything and everything from preparing the study plan to dealing with the exam. You'll find several concise and insightful tips and strategies but not too many contents and practice tests to gauge your knowledge and skills.

Which GMAT prep book should you buy? It's important to understand what makes a good GMAT prep book, so you don't waste your time and money on a book that won't help you in your graduate management admission journey. As you're deciding which book to purchase for GMAT preparation, you need to consider if the book will help you get a high score as well as how long should you study for the GMAT.

Besides building your knowledge base, the best GMAT prep books should include test-taking strategies you can rely on during test day. These strategies are time management, quickly eliminating wrong answers, identifying question types, making educated guesses, and other skills.

With eight GMAT books and 6 GMAT questions, the Manhattan prep study material can provide you with the in-depth review you need to build a strong foundation. The questions are seemingly more complicated than the real test, giving you an edge during the examination day.

You will learn how to maximize your use of time on the test, how to avoid the most common timing pitfalls, and how to gain significant extra points through timing strategy. The strategies taught in this program have been tested and refined over 30 years of test prep experience with over a thousand students worldwide.

Jay Cutts is the lead author of the Barron's LSAT and MCAT prep books and a 30-year test prep and admissions expert. He specializes in individualized instruction and advanced strategies for math, test anxiety, and problem-solving.

High GMAT scores are not an accident. They are the result of hard work and thorough preparation. ADVANCE Test Review helps you bring your math, critical reasoning, integrated reasoning, reading comprehension, grammatical usage and analytical writing skills to the high standard necessary for GMAT success. Whether you are applying to a traditional MBA program or an Executive MBA, ADVANCE Test Review expert instructors and application developers can optimize your prospects for admission. We've found the best GMAT prep books available for you. Scroll down a bit and you will find them.

Using our expertise we have selected the best GMAT prep books for those who do not find any of our course options convenient. Monthly we search out the best prices and review all materials to make sure these texts live up to our high standards. Click the covers to find the bookseller offering the cheapest price we found this month.

If you dream of higher education, sitting for a GMAT entrance can open many doors for you. And a great starting point would be flipping through the best prep books on GMAT. Below is the list of books for GMAT Preparation in 2023:

This book is an updated and expanded version and the 7th edition in the complete GMAT strategy guide series. It comprises all the 10 guides in the previous editions and consolidates them into three books: GMAT All the Quant guide, GMAT All the Verbal guide, and GMAT Integrated Reasoning and Essay guide. Additionally, it covers expanded content and strategies that can help secure higher exam scores. Besides, two exclusive e-books cover more difficult quant and verbal content, six full-length computer adaptive practice tests, and an official solution guide. One can access additional practice questions and interactive video lessons on the digital platform. Overall, this is a very good book for GMAT preparation.

This book will act as a great supplement to your textbook, and you will be able to clear the exam with clarity and preparation. And you can also use it at the end of your preparation (exactly before the exam), as this will help you practice what you already know and brush off some dust to remain sharp.

Stop right here. If you need to learn about GMAT and how to take the test, this is the first book you should read. And it is relatively short, just 256 pages. But remember, if you have already taken the test and want to sit for GMAT to improve your score, it may help you less. This book is for people with no experience in the GMAT test and who want to learn everything in detail.

The only pitfall is that it suggests that you need to study 3-4 hours for 30 days to score well, which is different from what is true in reality. However, if you read a textbook, you will surely pass the exam with flying colors. And it is also a perfect guide for people with little or no preparation time. So the idea is to take enough time, read a textbook thoroughly, and use this strategy guide to understand how to prepare.


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