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The Other SideMovie 2006 ((NEW))

Samuel North has returned from college to reunite with his girlfriend Hanna Thompson. On the night he is to have a romantic dinner with her on the banks of a river she does not show up, and he is run into the river by a large white van. His soul goes to Hell, aka "The Pit," where he is tormented by the worst memories of his life, including being bullied, finding his parents murdered, and the regretful taxi ride to college, which took him from Hanna. However, he experiences only a moment of torment before being rescued by other souls who have found a way out. He escapes and wakes up along with the other escapees in a hospital, where he learns that Hanna did not return home the previous night, and he is a suspect for her disappearance. Before he can find out any more, three bounty hunters dispatched from hell to retrieve them appear. Only Sam and two others escape. The duo, Mally and Oz, have both escaped numerous times only to be caught and brought back. They explain that two of the three bounty hunters are "Switchers," who can switch from dead body to body when their host body is killed. However their leader, a "Changer," does not need to change unless into its native demonic form. They escape to a motel filled with escapees, all scarred by the Mark of the Damned, which is how the Reapers track them.

The Other SideMovie | 2006


The trio find Hanna's car in the woods near the river and a dead body next to it. Sam's police friend, Peter, informs him the dead body was John Rice, who drove a white van. However, he was pulled over and stabbed to death and his white van was hijacked. Later that night, while picking up a few items from his brother, David, Sam is shot at by a man in the white van and his brother is injured. After dropping David off at the Emergency Room he breaks into Isaac's house and interrogates him, only to receive a truthful answer that Isaac left Hanna alone.

Sam returns to the motel just before it is attacked by the Reapers. Although many escapees are killed and sent back to The Pit, they succeed in sending one Switcher back to Hell. Mally and Oz, tired of fighting, decide to leave for Mexico. But before they can leave Sam reveals the sin for which he went to Hell: murder. Despite this, Oz and Mally leave Sam alone to fight the Reapers. Later on Sam is attacked by the Reapers, but manages to send another Switcher back to Hell. Meanwhile, Hanna's body is found in a river, and the search is called off.

The Lives of Others (German: Das Leben der Anderen, pronounced [das ˈleːbm̩ deːɐ̯ ˈʔandəʁən] (listen)) is a 2006 German drama film written and directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck marking his feature film directorial debut. The plot is about the monitoring of East Berlin residents by agents of the Stasi, East Germany's secret police. It stars Ulrich Mühe as Stasi Captain Gerd Wiesler, Ulrich Tukur as his superior Anton Grubitz, Sebastian Koch as the playwright Georg Dreyman, and Martina Gedeck as Dreyman's lover, a prominent actress named Christa-Maria Sieland.

Several critics pointed to the film's subtle building up of details as one of its prime strengths. The film is built "on layers of emotional texture", wrote Stephanie Zacharek in Salon online magazine.[20] Josh Rosenblatt, writing in the Austin Chronicle called the film "a triumph of muted grandeur."[21] Lisa Schwarzbaum, writing in Entertainment Weekly, pointed out that some of the subtlety in the film is due to the fact that "one of the movie's tensest moments take place with the most minimal of action" but that the director still "conveys everything he wants us to know about choice, fear, doubt, cowardice, and heroism."[22] An article in First Things makes a philosophical argument in defense of Wiesler's transformation.[23] The East German dissident songwriter Wolf Biermann was guardedly enthusiastic about the film, writing in a March 2006 article in Die Welt: "The political tone is authentic, I was moved by the plot. But why? Perhaps I was just won over sentimentally, because of the seductive mass of details which look like they were lifted from my own past between the total ban of my work in 1965 and denaturalisation in 1976."[24]

Film critic and historian Carrie Rickey believes that The Lives of Others was one of two movies that influenced Snowden's actions, the other being the 1974 Francis Ford Coppola film The Conversation, both being about wiretappers troubled by guilt.[39]

It emerges that Mark was convicted of a felony but has been able to postpone serving his prison time. His mother was recently diagnosed with cancer; when she dies, he tells Lisa, he plans to get drunk every day and then go serve his sentence in order to clean himself up. This plan and the emotions sparking it hint at a kind of dramatic shape and logic that the film, however, largely eschews in order just to follow the characters on their rounds, which include, for example, visiting a strip club where a very pregnant woman shoots up heroin backstage, then performs lewd dances for loud rowdies out front.

Godfrey Cheshire is a film critic, journalist and filmmaker based in New York City. He has written for The New York Times, Variety, Film Comment, The Village Voice, Interview, Cineaste and other publications.

Potential sources of THMs to both public and domestic wells include the discharge of chlorinated drinking water and wastewater that may be intentional or inadvertent. Intentional discharge includes the use of municipally supplied chlorinated water to irrigate lawns, golf courses, parks, gardens, and other areas; the use of septic systems; or the regulated discharge of chlorinated wastewater to surface waters or ground-water recharge facilities. Inadvertent discharge includes leakage of chlorinated water from swimming pools, spas, or distribution systems for drinking water or wastewater sewers. Statistical analyses indicate that population density, the percentage of urban land, and the number of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act hazardous-waste facilities near sampled wells are significantly associated with the probability of detection of chloroform, especially for public wells. Domestic wells may have several other sources of THMs, including the practice of well disinfection through shock chlorination, laundry wastewater containing bleach, and septic system effluent.

The ANP's performance during the recent Kabul riots didn't inspire confidence. Some officers were overpowered and had their weapons taken from them by an angry mob; others could be seen on videotape firing into the crowd.

It will be years, says the local military commander, before the counter-insurgency campaign will end. As one route through the mountains is cut off from insurgents -- the term includes smugglers and criminals -- another route appears.

I don't remember saying a lot of the things in this article and lol'd my way through a lot of it. As this is an interview from over ten years ago, it makes sense that I wouldn't remember some things, but I was pretty sure that at the launch of my first book I had zero intention of writing another. It wasn't until later in the Summer that it became clear that I needed to create another book to explain how on earth a hodag came to be friends with a bulldog.

I launched at Brown Street Books and the owner, Joan Belongia, had also been my editor and consultant on pricing and PR etiquette. It's funny, it never occurred to me at the time to ask any other stores in town if they would carry my book. That's about how much I had thought about distribution when I started this all, *sigh.

We will publish others opinions as well, and we think it is very important that this debate takes place. Its too early to make any kind of assessment of the reactions, but there are a number of them.

The object Tombaugh discovered was eventually named Pluto, a name officially adopted by the American Astronomical Society, the Royal Astronomical Society in the UK, and the International Astronomical Union. It is a frigid world, billions of kilometres from the Sun, and 30 times less massive than the then-smallest known planet, Mercury. But Pluto is not alone: its five satellites were later discovered. The largest, Charon, was discovered in 1978 (Buie et al., 2006). The smaller four were discovered using the Hubble Space Telescope between 2005 and 2012 (Stern et al. 2018) and are officially named Nix, Hydra, Kerberos and Styx by the IAU (Aksnes, 2006; Showalter et al., 2013).

Due to the influx of TNO discoveries, it was inevitable that one or more might be found to rival Pluto in size. In 2003, Mike Brown (Caltech), Chad Trujillo (International Gemini Observatory) and David Rabinowitz (Yale University) searched the edge of our Solar System from the Palomar Observatory in the United States. They imaged a region of the sky that showed an object moving relative to the background stars, just as Clyde Tombaugh did decades earlier. Later analysis showed that they discovered another cold world: slightly larger than Pluto and orbiting the Sun (Brown et al., 2004). Subsequent observations (Brown, 2006) showed that the new object, initially named 2003 UB313 according to the IAU's naming protocol, was more massive than Pluto and that it, too, had a satellite. The team found several objects that did not resemble any of the 8 planets we consider today but were large enough to be compared to Pluto. These discoveries prompted astronomers to ask the question: "What constitutes a planet?"

The IAU has been responsible for naming planetary bodies and their satellites since the early 1900s. As Professor Ron Ekers, former President of the IAU, explained in the newspaper of the 2006 IAU General Assembly:

The draft proposal for the definition of a planet was debated vigorously by astronomers at the 2006 IAU General Assembly, and a new version slowly took shape. This new version was more acceptable to the majority and was presented to the members of the IAU for a vote at the Closing Ceremony of the General Assembly. By the end of the Prague General Assembly, IAU members voted that the definition of a planet in the Solar System would be as follows: 041b061a72


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