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Under The Influence Chris Brown

"Under the Influence" was written by Chris Brown, Nigerian singer Davido, Nigerian producer KDDO and Tiffany Mckie,[2] and entirely produced by KDDO.[3] The song was included on the expanded edition of Brown's ninth studio album Indigo. Lyrically, in the song Brown expresses his desires while having a passionate sexual encounter, being under the influence of codeine. The song marks the third collaboration between Brown and Davido, following Davido's 2019 single "Blow My Mind", and their duet "Lower Body", also contained on the expanded version of Indigo.[1]

Under The Influence Chris Brown

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In the replies section, there was also some questioning about whether Chris sings "body light weight" or "body language." One social media user stated, "What's more important is that he said 'Your body lightweight' INSTEAD of 'your BODY LANGUAGE'!! Cause wtf do that even mean, @chrisbrown ?!" Another chimed in, "Forget that lmaoooo. I used to sing 'YOUR BODY LANGUAGE SPEAKS TO ME' cz Your body 'lightweight' speaks to me doesn't make any sense to me."

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