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Edexcel Gcse 9-1 Computer Science Revision Guide

Exam season always comes round sooner than expected, so it's important to get a head start to reach for those higher grades. There are a number of revision guides and exercise books out there to practice your scientific knowledge, but we've selected the GCSE science revision guides that we trust the most.

Edexcel gcse 9-1 computer science Revision guide

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For students studying higher Combined Science on the Edexcel exam board, this revision guide covers the curriculum in one book. It's formatted as one topic per page, neatly separating each subject area to help create a more efficient workflow. The new assessment specification is covered with this guide, and you can test your knowledge with real exam-style questions for each topic.

For students on the Triple Award science GCSE for Edexcel, who take each science subject individually, this is the guided workbook for physics. The book offers 152 pages of practice questions, assessment tips and opportunities to test abilities with exam-style questions.

For students on higher level combined science on the AQA exam board, this is the all-in-one revision guide. It includes study notes, practical activities, revision guides and exam-style questions. It also covers maths skills and working scientifically to maximise what the student can get out of their revision.

This is the complete revision guide for AQA biology. Like with CGP's other revision guides, it includes free online materials to assist learning. Study notes, practice questions and maths skills are provided throughout the book.

For the higher level combined science with OCR Gateway, this is the revision guide to buy. It features a number of different tasks and activities to practice with each topic, with full revision guides to all the necessary information.

This revision guide with practice questions is for students at foundation level on OCR Gateway's combined science GCSE. Use the topic guides to brush up your knowledge then test your abilities with the questions. Exam-style questions are included to ensure the best grades come from your revision.

This section aims to fit in with the Edexcel GCSE(9-1) Computer Science 1CP1 syllabus but is not endorsed by Edexcel. It should be useful as a revision guide or to find alternative explanations to the ones in your textbook. 041b061a72


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