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Hitman 2

  • Mumbai: "Chasing a Ghost" 47 is contracted to come down to the slums of Mumbai and hunt down three of the most notorious pirates of the South China Sea: Dawood Rangan, a sleazy Bollywood producer; Vanya Shah, the self-proclaimed "Queen" of Mumbai's underworld; and the "Maelstrom", who went off the grid after a disastrous hijacking before resurfacing with the killing of a Providence CEO. While the ICA has a positive ID on both Rangan and Shah, they lack one on The Maelstrom, forcing 47 to descend into Mumbai with little, if any, leads. Assassin Outclassin': Played with as 47 can use the Kashmirian to eliminate his targets.

  • Bad Boss: An entire level of those. Dawood is an unscrupulous Bollywood producer who forces actresses into the Casting Couch, doesn't pay because his movies are usually insurance scams, and fires people at the drop of a hat.

  • Vanya keeps her workers enslaved and rules as "Queen of the Slums" but only helps in exchange for elaborate bribes. She also kills anyone who displeases her, especially tailors.

  • Wazir allegedly abandoned some of his team to die during their last raid.

  • The Barber: One of 47's possible disguises. There's even an achievement for giving 14 residents a shave (and the Maelstrom) using the disguise. The opportunity is also an excellent source of coins, as each customer pays two coins for a shave. 47 can pocket a tidy profit of 30 coins for serving all the possible customers.

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Should you orchestrate things in this manner, the Kashmirian could be the one considered responsible for the deaths of three of the biggest crime bosses in India.

  • Chatty Hairdresser: The Barber that 47 can disguise as uses this to gather information for the Crows. Inverted when 47 takes his place, where it's actually the customers who do the majority of talking.

  • The City Narrows: Half of the map is comprised of the dense and maze-like slums that Mumbai is known for in real life.

  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: The Maelstrom drinks from one of four different Moja Tea stands that is randomized in each level. Similarly, TV's in the level play a Moja Tea commercial that randomizes between four color backdrops (blue, green, orange, and purple), which matches which stand The Maelstrom drinks from.

  • Dangerously Close Shave: One possible method of killing the Maelstrom is to disguise yourself as a barber and slit his throat while shaving him.

  • Did Not Think This Through: The Maelstrom has taken elaborate steps to make himself invisible. However, he has a house on a hill guarded by a literal army of soldiers and doesn't think this might clue people in to the fact that the woman who lives there is important to him. Subverted with the Kashmirian as he kills both his employers before he's paid. He wasn't interested in the fee, though. Instead, he wanted to eliminate both so he could go to work for the Maelstrom.

  • Easy Level Trick: The most risk-free way to eliminate the Maelstrom is to poison the glass he'll be drinking from during his meeting at the hill. No matter which NPC he is, he will always be one of two people to drink from there, even if you haven't identified him. So long as you know which glass he drinks from beforehand (the glass closest to the ladder), you can kill him pretty easily.

  • The quickest way of eliminating both Dawood and Vanya is by summoning them to the old boathouse and dropping a boat on them when they meet up. This can be done by placing a colored smoke brick in any of the nearby furnace's, and getting rid of the guards overlooking the boathouse.

  • If you start as a street vendor, the Maelstrom will always be the first NPC who crosses the bridge and right into your path. Just add a little, ahem, spice to your wares and offer your unsuspecting target a sample.

  • The runaway train presents an extremely simple, but very destructive, means of eliminating Vanya and the Maelstrom. Both the train switch and one of the levers you can use to turn it are located on the very edges of the trainyard, allowing you to redirect the train without ever needing to infiltrate Shah's compound. You will get civilian and guard casualties, but they'll both be dead. It even provides you with an easy level exit.

  • Easter Egg: Another secret level exit, this one involving 47 floating away holding an umbrella.

  • One of the arcade cabinets in a small arcade near the initial starting point has a copy of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin running on it.

  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: The Maelstrom's old lover is the only person who can lure him out.

  • Fatal Method Acting: One potential way of killing Dawood involves blowing him off the roof with an industrial fan while filming the final scene. None of the cast is that shocked, and the director decides to keep the scene in believing it would make a better ending.

  • Gambit Pileup: Both Shah and Rangan hired the same hitman to kill the other. 47 can aid him in killing either Rangan or both of them. And then it turns out that the Maelstrom had him kill both of them.

  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Despite the fact that no one knows what the Maelstrom looks like and you finding out being a major part of the mission, if 47 manages to kill the Maelstrom without gathering any Intel (he can be identified by the scar on his face, his walk speed being slightly faster than other NPCs, and the extremely long Vagueness Is Coming speech he gives if 47 impersonates the barber), Diana will just magically know that the man 47 just killed is the Maelstrom.

  • The Ghost: No one knows what the Maelstrom currently looks like. Part of the mission involves finding this out.

  • Kent Brockman News: Pam narrates over some local cricket news, specifically about how the Mongooses team has suddenly fallen ill with stomach flu before their big game against the Hippos. Despite this, she notes the team is still feeling optimistic. This was caused by Dawood Rangan, who bribed the referee to dope the Mongooses so that the Hippos would win, something he admits to one of his ever-hopeful bodyguards, who had placed a bet on the Mongooses winning.

  • She reports on an explosion at Ether's R&D facility in Johannesberg, later revealed to have been done by the Shadow Client. Ether claims no chemicals were released into the air, thankfully, but their stocks did plummet because of the incident.

  • Kingsley reports on the previous missions' assassination of Rico Delgado, as well as Jorge Franco and Andrea Martinez. Naturally, the residents blame the Moreno Cartel.

  • Keeping up on the Ether story, she reports on a hostage tape from the Shadow Client's militia featuring Ether's CEO Neleis De Waal, in which he was forced to admit his involvement in Providence.

  • Pam reports on the story of a local construction company supposedly having its luxurious hotel blown up by Kashmirian nationalists, though there's a theory that the owner destroyed his own property for insurance purposes when no terrorist group claimed responsibility. Rangan is planning on releasing a movie about the hotel's owner saving his guests.

  • Mad Lib Thriller Title: "The Dubius Cohabitation" is all about killing people from within the Chawls via an accident or a sniper rifle. The name is in reference to the odd behaviour of one of the residents (The Kashmirian) NPC characters comment on, and cohabitation refers to the chawls itself.

  • "The Chameleon Anonymity" escalation has you using various disguises in the Laundry slums to eliminate guards; Chameleon of course referring to 47's Master of Disguise capabilities.

  • "The Hirani Evacuation" is named after an indian film producer of the same name; Rajkumar Hirani, and has you dump specific bodies down an elevator shaft.

  • "The Han Encasement" is all about killing targets in the construction site with containers; Encasement means to cover specific building parts while in construction.

  • "The Raaz Algorithm" is names after an Indian horror flick of the same name, in which you have to kill specific targets without being spotted.

  • Needle in a Stack of Needles: The Maelstrom has no visual identity to start with, as he's hiding in the crowds of Mumbai, not even the all-powerful ICA can find him. To make things harder, he may not look like his photo that you can acquire due to his randomised look.

  • Operator from India: Two examples: Discussed by a blacksmith who talks about his cousin setting a call center up and suggesting his co-worker do the same. He rejects the idea, stating that he already enjoys his job.

  • A variation on this is that an NPC outside Rangan Tower can be heard trying to scam someone from abroad into downloading a virus.

  • Properly Paranoid: Each of the three targets has at least one extra layer of security compared to many others in the game - the Maelstrom is a recluse who needs to be properly identified before assassination, Vanya Shah's assistant doubles as her food taster, making poisoning her difficult, and both Dawood Rangan and the Maelstrom require the player to pass or circumvent not one but two frisk checkpoints when meeting them while wearing certain disguises. The level is also noteworthy for the presence of a second assassin, gunning for two of the three targets with the intent of provoking a meeting with the third.

  • Rummage Sale Reject: The Holy Man disguise, which contains a dreadlocks wig, an eyepatch, an orange sari with a crimson sash, as well as having an umbrella and plastic bag. Wearing it does not allow access anywhere, but is part of the "Mumbai Master" sidequest.

  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: The Tailor has this reaction when Vanya decides he's going to make a dress for her. This is because of the fact that she's murdered many other tailors.

  • Shout-Out: One secret level exit depicts 47 floating off into the sky while holding an umbrella, an image highly reminiscent of Mary Poppins.

  • Some of the Escalation names are named after Indian pop-culture, see Mad Lib Thriller Title above.

  • Throw It In: Invoked in-game by the director. If 47 sabotages the industrial fan to blast Rangannote and possibly his hapless co-star over the side of the building during filming, the director can afterwards be overheard on her phone, stating they have footage of the accident, and suggests it be used in place of the film's original ending.

  • Troubled Production: In-Universe. The film Rangan is working on, Mumbai Hero, is on its final day of filming, yet the lead actor is too sick to attend the final photoshoot, and the lead actress threw the final scene's script down the elevator shaft. Even if the script is obtained, a fight breaks out between her and Rangan due to the actress refusing to kiss him.

  • Undying Loyalty: The Crows have a fanatical loyalty to the Maelstrom.

  • Unwitting Pawn: The player can help the Kashmirian kill both Rangan and Shah by fixing his rifle scope and setting the targets up. He evidently doesn't realize that he's secretly being helped by a rival assassin.

  • Video Game Caring Potential: If you're disguised as a laundry foreman, you can give Shah's exhausted workers permission to go on break.

Hitman 2

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