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Hybrid Strings Vst Library For Kontakt Torrent

Every preset combines the 160 sound sources (human, clone, hybrid, and synth voices) available in the library. You can create your own snapshot using its intuitive sample browser.

Hybrid Strings Vst Library For Kontakt Torrent

Apart from the high-quality choral voices, Aeris features 146 sound pads based on its hybrid library grouped into 6 categories: calm, tension, motion, effects, uplift, and distorted. And Vir2 Instruments regularly releases installable expansion presets to make your library bigger for free.

I was able to instantly user this collection of solo strings in a soundtrack I'm working on. I was impressed with the subtlety of the playing and this quality of the library made it easy to incorporate into the music. Highly recommended.

Beautiful, intimate strings in this library. It rivals Kontakt instruments that cost five times as much. I wish I had known about Ben Osterhouse sooner. If you're looking for an organic and intimate sound, I cannot recommend this library enough.

I started to see a handful of reviews pop on youtube for this library and my interested was piqued. I pulled the trigger and purchased it - the moment I loaded it up in kontakt and played the first few chords I was blown away. Ben you have out done yourself once again! Spitfire Audio and Orchestral Tools take notice of this talent. At a fraction of the cost of the aforementioned developers libraries Sospiro strings straddles the line between classical and avant-garde rather nicely. You won't find 100s of presets and snapshots - this baby is lean and mean music making machine. I tend to like the lack pretentiousness that comes with Ben's offerings - especially in his video walkthroughs. Straight to the point, no way to hide any deficiencies, but to my ears there is none as the gorgeousness of the samples and the scripting is on display here. Keep up the astounding work Ben! You have a loyal customer in me indeed! P.S. - Oh and the warm sustains - my god are they beautiful. Definitely my favourite part of the library!

Audiobro delighted the music community with the release of an incredible Kontakt strings library recorded on different divisi sections. After the acclaimed LA Scoring Strings release, Audiobro spent twelve years upgrading and enriching their sampling techniques, particularly for string instruments.

Soft String Textures is the ultimate embodiment of the original Soft String Spurs concept. Featuring three of my all-time favourite string players, this collaboration captures bespoke performances and articulations that have been workshopped to deliver stunning realism and emotive depth to your music.Formed of solo violin, viola and cello, Soft String Textures leans heavily on the musicality of our sublime players Ellie Consta, Georgie Davis and Meera Raja. Together, we have come up with something that I am deeply proud of. Recorded in Studio B at Spitfire Audio HQ, this library is intimate and immediate. Captured at 96kHz by an 8-mic array, each player was recorded individually for fine control.Alongside 5 core articulations, Soft String Textures also features 10 warps to add a hybrid element to your scores.


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