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Diorama (2022)

diorama return to tel aviv! diorama will play in tel aviv for the 3rd time! our return will take place on may 13th 2023 at club the zone. ticket sales have started today. the first 150 tickets come at a discount price, so hurry up and order your ticket now at: _info.php?cPath=73&products_id=16073

Diorama (2022)

April is shaping up to be all about brick building in a galaxy far, far away. At the start of the month, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is releasing on almost every video game platform, and shortly after that, Lego is releasing three awesome new dioramas inspired by scenes from the original trilogy.

The Nantucket Atheneum presents the 11th annual Peeps Diorama Contest, where participants create a scene inside a shoebox depicting their favorite book or literary character using Easter PEEPs. The dioramas can be entered in four categories: Children, Teens, Families and Adults.

Calling all PEEPS fans! We love seeing how you express your PEEPSONALITY through art and dioramas. Check out a variety of PEEPS diorama and art exhibits we found below, whether you attend or even participate! Also be sure to check out your local area, you may have even more nearby.

What the judges said: Through multiple cleverly-arranged vignettes, this diorama celebrates a lesser-known (and delightfully macabre) turning point in forensic science history. The toasted marshmallow-toasting Peeps are particularly poignant.

From the crafters: We were inspired by Neil Armstrong and decided to recreate the Apollo 11 moon landing made out of peeps. It is made from cardboard, peeps, tin foil, tape, pipe cleaners, and paper. Our favorite parts of the project were making the diorama, making Neil Peepstrong, and making the rocket. Hopefully you like this little diorama that we made and hopefully you have a great day!

What the judges said: Though we would have liked to see an overall view of this dual-scene diorama, the judges were drawn to the exhibition portion. In addition to the towering centerpiece skeleton, details like wayfinding signs, reader rails, and curious visitors help to ground this scene in museum-reality.

The galaxy at your fingertips It began a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Now the saga continues in your own home with LEGO Star Wars sets. Explore the stellar array of sets designed specifically for adults, including other new-for-May-2022 dioramas.

Using a Blending Brush, add color to the white layer. Stamp trees in Memento Black, and beach in Crumb Cake, then adhere to card front. Die cut a diorama opening from the Balmy Blue layer, then emboss with embossing folder of choice. Adhere over stamping using dimensionals. Stamp sentiment in Memento Black ink on a die cut label. Add Linen Thread to back of sentiment piece and adhere to card front. Embellish as desired using Faux Sea Glass Shapes.

Obviously, Jaap's conviction that dioramas still work was borne out by the crowd. Today, as in 1899, dioramas put visitors face-to-face with environments and animals from around the globe. They transport viewers to the animals' habitat at a moment in history where species, geography, and plant life all interact. Akeley collected numerous African mammals because he knew their populations were shrinking, and he wanted to preserve them for the public. There is stark irony in that, but Akeley wasn't wrong. Striped hyenas are now in decline due to over-hunting and habitat loss. Preserving them and their habitat for visitors to learn about and appreciate helps fuel awareness and conservation efforts.

The project came to fruition thanks to the work of writers, curators, artists, craftspeople, and conservators. More than 50 team members worked on different aspects of the project to ready the hyenas, their space, and associated content. The hyenas themselves were spruced up by conservators in consultation with Mammals staff. The developers worked with a range of zoologists and botanists to ensure content accuracy. Meanwhile, staff in the Exhibition Replication shop researched the hyenas' native habitat and meticulously crafted every element to ensure accuracy, from the landform to the aloe plants. The crowning touch was the stunning background mural of the predawn sky by artist Aaron Delahanty. New enhancements added to the scene include a bat-eared fox hidden among the rocks, also collected on the Somaliland expedition, and a little dung beetle. To tell even more of the story with 21st-century tech, the interactive touchscreen lets visitors explore the diorama, its production, and the history behind the specimens.

Each of these sets includes a plaque with a famous quote from the scene depicted. They're all the same depth, so they'll fit on any standard bookshelf. This is the first batch of LEGO Star Wars dioramas, but more are in the works. 041b061a72


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