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Returning Bengali Big-Shot Babu

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Homecoming Expectations:

- Front gate of house will be opened on arrival

- Warm food and cold beer will greet them as they enter, and for duration of their stay

- Bottled water will be handy

- Heavy baggage (comprising mainly junk) will be lugged up the stairs for them

- Bed will be ready with luxurious white pressed sheets, pillows and covers

- Floors will shine

- There will be no dust on windows and furniture

- Bathroom will be sparkling

- Water pump and fridge will be fully functional, overhead water tank will be full, fridge will be turned on

- Air conditioners and geysers will be in perfect working order, lights and fans too

- The sidewalk in front of the house will be free of waste paper or trash

- The garden will be flowering, the lawn will be immaculate

- Cable tv and internet will be turned on and working

- Mobile phones will be available and active

- Relatives, friends and neighbors will be available to receive calls

- They will jump up and down happy to receive the visiting Babus on weekends (and on weekdays)

- They should be interested in big-shot (tall) tales and remember all significant events since the last visit, they should always have smiles on their faces

- They should listen attentively and not say a word while the bigshots show them endless (mindless) vacation videos and pictures

- They should utter ooohs and aaahs when tedious lectures on insignificant milestones from overseas are exaggerated and delivered with pomp and glory

- They should not express relief when the big-shots leave

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