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29 : Struggle Of The Fool !!TOP!!

In the international segment, where the company has long struggled to turn a profit, revenue fell 12% (or 1% in constant currency) to $27.1 billion. Amazon lost $1.8 billion outside North America, down from a $362 million profit in Q2 2021.

29 : Struggle of the Fool

Though the struggles in the e-commerce business may attract headlines, what really matters to investors is the performance of AWS, which has been the company's primary profit center for years. As long as AWS continues to grow at a strong rate, Amazon stock should move higher over the long term.

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The major concern is the uncertainty around key markets in Russia and Khazakstan. Analysts have suggested that Polymetal may re-list on the Abu Dhabi exchange as UK shares linked to Russia struggle on the London Stock Exchange.

Because he chooses the foolish things to shame the wise; he chooses the weak things to shame the strong; he chooses even the things that are not to bring to nothing the things that are, so that no one will boast in his presence (1 Cor. 1:27-29).

At that time a monk named Pimen, a fool-for-Christ, labored in the Davit-Gareji Wilderness. His ancestral roots were in the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia. Pimen rebuked kings and condemned the unjust and immoral acts of the nobility. The pious monk Anton Meskhi labored with him.

For their great spiritual achievements and struggles on behalf of godly purity, the Christian Faith, and the spread of the Gospel among the Dagestanis, the Georgian Church has counted Pimen the Fool-for-Christ and Anton Meskhi worthy to be numbered among the saints.

The protagonist is a beautiful Nigerian 29-year old aspiring artist in Brooklyn who loses her husband in a tragic accident. While she grieves through her art, her life begins to turn around when she meets a handsome new man at a party. And is given an introduction to a major curator who wants to launch her career in the art world. But even as romance takes her to a beautiful estate in the Caribbean, she struggles with the challenge of balancing grief with the desire to move forward with her life.

When was the last time you prayed that prayer? A wise man thinks about his death often, and the fool ignores it. This is why the enemy keeps us from thinking and talking about death. And this is why we must work to keep the brevity of life on the forefront of our minds.

This hexagram is made up of broken lines only. The broken lines represents the dark, yielding, receptive primal power of yin. The attribute of the hexagram is devotion; its image is the earth. It is the perfect complement of THE CREATIVE--the complement, not the opposite, for the Receptive does not combat the Creative but completes it . It represents nature in contrast to spirit, earth in contrast to heaven, space as against time, the female-maternal as against the male-paternal. However, as applied to human affairs, the principle of this complementary relationship is found not only in the relation between man and woman, but also in that between prince and minister andbetween father and son. Indeed, even in the individual this duality appearsin the coexistence of the spiritual world and the world of the senses. But strictly speaking there is no real dualism here, because there is aclearly defined hierarchic relationship between the two principles. In itselfof course the Receptive is just as important as the Creative, but the attributeof devotion defines the place occupied by this primal power in relationto the Creative. For the Receptive must be activated and led by the Creative; then it is productive of good. Only when it abandons this position and tries to stand as an equal side by side with the Creative, does it become evil. The result then is opposition to and struggle against the Creative, which is productive of evil to both.

In the top place the dark element should yield to the light. If it attempts to maintain a position to which it is not entitled and to rule instead of serving, it draws down upon itself the anger of the strong.A struggle ensues in which it is overthrown, with injury, however, to both sides. The dragon, symbol of heaven, comes to fight the false dragon that symbolized the inflation of the earth principle. Midnight blue is thecolor of heaven; yellow is the color of earth. Therefore, when black andyellow blood flow, it is a sign that in this unnatural contest both primalpowers suffer injury.

The difficulties at the beginning are too great for some persons.They get stuck and never find their way out; they fold their hands and giveup the struggle. Such resignation is the saddest of all things. ThereforeConfucius says of this line: "Bloody tears flow: one should not persist inthis."

YOUTHFUL FOLLY has success. It is not I who seek the young fool; The young fool seeks me. At the first oracle I inform him. If he asks two or three times, it is importunity. If he importunes, I give him no information. Perseverance furthers.

For youthful folly it is the most hopeless thing to entangle itself in empty imaginings. The more obstinately it clings to such unreal fantasies, the more certainly will humiliation overtake it. Often the teacher, when confronted with such entangled folly, has no other course but to leavethe fool to himself for a time, not sparing him the humiliation that results. This is frequently the only means of rescue. Six in the fifth place means:

Sometimes an incorrigible fool must be punished. He who will not heed will be made to feel. This punishment is quite different from a preliminary shaking up. But the penalty should not be imposed in anger; it must be restricted to an objective guarding against unjustified excesses. Punishment is never an end in itself but serves merely to restore order. This applies not only in regard to education but also in regard to the measures taken by a government against a populace guilty of transgressions. Governmental interference should always be merely preventive and should have as itssole aim the establishment of public security and peace.

Even in the midst of danger there come intervals of peace when things go relatively well. If we possess enough inner strength, we shall take advantage of these intervals to fortify ourselves for renewed struggle. We must know how to enjoy the moment without being deflected from thegoal, for perseverance is needed to remain victorious. This is true inpublic life as well; it is not possible to achieve everything all at once.The height of wisdom is to allow people enough recreation to quicken pleasurein their work until the task is completed. Herein lies the secret of thewhole hexagram. It differs from Chin OBSTRUCTION

In a struggle with an enemy of superior strength, retreat is no disgrace. Timely withdrawal prevents bad consequences. If, out of a false senseof honor, a man allowed himself to be tempted into an unequal conflict,he would be drawing down disaster upon himself. In such a case a wise andconciliatory attitude benefits the whole community, which will then notbe drawn into the conflict.

In the face of a superior enemy, with whom it would be hopeless to engage in battle, an orderly retreat is the only correct procedure, because it will save the army from defeat and disintegration. It is by no means a sign of courage or strength to insist upon engaging in a hopeless struggle regardless of circumstances. Six in the fifth place means:

Heaven and the lake show a difference of elevation that inheres in the natures of the two, hence no envy arises. Among mankind also there are necessarily differences of elevation; it is impossible to bring about universal equality. But it is important that differences in social rank should not be arbitrary and unjust, for if this occurs, envy and classstruggle are the inevitable consequences. If, on the other hand, externaldifferences in rank correspond with differences in inner worth, and if innerworth forms the criterion of external rank, people acquiesce and orderreigns in society.

Two people are outwardly separated, but in their hearts they are united. They are kept apart by their positions in life. Many difficulties andobstructions arise between them and cause them grief. But, remaining trueto each other, the allow nothing to separate them, and although it coststhem a severe struggle to overcome the obstacles, they will succeed. Whenthey come together their sadness will change to joy. Confucius says ofthis:

9. However, in the later the restraining force is slight; thus a conflict arises between the propulsive and the restraining movement, as a result of which the spokes fall out of the wagon wheels, while here the restraining force is absolutely superior; hence no struggle takes place. One submits and removes the axletrees from the wagon -inother words, contents himself with waiting. In this way energy accumulatesfor a vigorous advance later on.

This hexagram consists of a doubling of the trigram K'an. It is one of the eight hexagrams in which doubling occurs. The trigram K'an means a plunging in. A yang line has plunged in between two yin lines and isclosed in by them like water in a ravine. The trigram K'an is also themiddle son. The Receptive has obtained the middle line of the Creative,and thus K'an develops. As an image it represents water, the water thatcomes from above and is in motion on earth in streams and rivers, givingrise to all life on earth. In man's world K'an represents the heart, thesoul locked up within the body, the principle of light inclosed in the dark--thatis, reason. The name of the hexagram, because the trigram is doubled, hasthe additional meaning, "repetition of danger." Thus the hexagram is intended to designate an objective situation to which one must become accustomed,not a subjective attitude. For danger due to a subjective attitude meanseither foolhardiness or guile. Hence too a ravine is used to symbolize danger;it is a situation in which a man is in the same pass as the water in a ravine, and, like the water, he can escape if he behaves correctly. 041b061a72


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