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Diaper Dares

All the dares I can think of are kind of going too far and would give ABDLs a bad image >.>. might be funny if someone showed up at a frat house during rush week wearing nothing but a diaper and t-shirt (and maybe carrying a plush), and tell everyone that you were there for the imitation.

Diaper Dares


Enjoy a day at the beach in nothing but a diaper. Be careful when you go in the water though. It will swell up really big and want to sag & fall off. Of course, I would also recommend you change before driving home in a soggy diaper too.

60">>60I am a/an:--Please select one--Young boy (ages 8 and under) who wears diapersYoung boy (ages 8 and under) who does not wear diapersPreteen boy (ages 9 to 12) who wears diapersPreteen boy (ages 9 to 12) who does not wear diapersTeen boy (ages 13 to 17) who wears diapersTeen boy (ages 13 to 17) who does not wear diapersYoung adult male (ages 18 to 25) who wears diapersYoung adult male (ages 18 to 25) who does not wear diapersAdult male (ages 26 to 35) who wears diapersAdult male (ages 26 to 35) who does not wear diapersAdult male (ages 36 to 45) who wears diapersAdult male (ages 36 to 45) who does not wear diapersAdult male (ages 46 to 55) who wears diapersAdult male (ages 46 to 55) who does not wear diapersAdult male (ages 55 and over) who wears diapersAdult male (ages 55 and over) who does not wear diapersYoung girl (ages 8 and under)Preteen girl (ages 9 to 12)Preteen girl (ages 13 to 17)Young adult female (ages 18 to 25)Adult female (ages 26 to 35)Adult female (ages 36 to 45)Adult female (ages 46 to 55)Adult female (ages 55 and over)Your diapersIf you are a boy or adult male, select all that apply:Cloth diapersDisposable diapersMultiple underpants(6+ pairs)I wear this diaper type:I wear this diaper type in plain white:how many of this diaper type I wear at a time:0123456>60123456>601234567-910-1213-1516-2021-2526-30>30Are you pantsless at home while in diapers?AlwaysUsuallySometimesRarelyNeverI do not wear diapersI was often in diapers and pantsless as a boy (ages 12 and under)How do you use your diapers?PeePoopHow many older sisters do you have (boys only)?NoneOneTwoThreeMore than threeHow many younger sisters do you have? (boys only)NoneOneTwoThreeMore than threeIf you are a girl or adult female, indicate what your relationship is to the diaper boy who read this story:--Please select one (leave alone if a boy)--Younger sisterOlder sisterSame-age sisterYounger girl cousinOlder girl cousinBabysitterGirlfriendWifeMotherAuntGrandmotherWho else in your family has read this story?MotherFatherOlder BrotherYounger BrotherOlder SisterYounger SisterYour comments:Parents' comments:Brothers' comments:Sisters' comments:

After watching a movie a busty lesbian girlfriend dares her straight friend to kiss her.After their first kiss she sucks on her perky tits before giving her her first lesbian pussy licking.All horny her friend gets to taste pussy for the first time

The Diaper Dare Challenge Champion is someone that completes all of the tasks on time, for their diaper challenge. Each one has the opportunity to have one picture (no face) and a name (baby names ok) on the champion wall. I will divide it into 3 categories

Except, that is, for Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, which sent Kate and William the traditional state- sanctioned gift basket given to all Finnish mothers-to-be, consisting of diaper-rash cream, a pacifier and a packet of condoms. Fill in your own joke.

My baby and I have only had a couple of months to figure things out, but we've already found a rhythm and a way to communicate that transcends the need for words, You'd think, by now, I would have learned my baby is destined to wake up when my partner and I are enjoying some sexy time, or that my baby will definitely pee on me every time I dare to change a diaper. I have, however, caught on to my baby's apparent preference to sleep all day and party all night. Still, as much as I miss sleep, I love holding my newborn more. So, I snuggle him close and rock him to sleep as the minutes tick by, just as he probably planned, my precious evil genius. My baby has me right where he wants me, so I spend my time eagerly waiting his next command. Things like:

More sustainable diapers are one possible use for a new bio-based material that researchers in Sweden are developing. The superabsorbent material is made with wheat gluten proteins from wheat starch p...

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