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Nissan Kubistar

The ride and handling of the Kubistar is fair. The cabin is comfortable and the driving position is comfortable too. There is no mudguard though, so you'll need to be very careful about driving the van anywhere near water and going through mud. The Kubistar also gives you a turning circle of 10.4 metres.

nissan kubistar

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It's the small vans that are most adept at hauling loads, while conventional vans are simply not designed to do so. The Kangoo and the Kubistar not only have a big enough load-carrying ability, but can also pull them off too. Even so, the Kubistar stands tall in this group of vans thanks to its comfortable ride and good levels of refinement, not to mention its great steering.

For the better back-packers, Nissan offers the 125 and 130 petrol variants that are more of a version up of the 110 and its engine range. Both of these vans offer a decent range of equipment, including air conditioning and cruise control. The 125 comes with a two-tone exterior and a digital radio, while the 130 is finished in a unique black vinatage design.

We have to credit Nissan for having the foresight to differentiate the 125 from the 130 by offering a unique, designted finish to the van. This is a welcome addition and makes the Kubistar stand out from the rest of the category. The 125 has a red and grey two-tone exterior (with black accents) and the 130 gets a black vinatage exterior. Both variants come with a few other goodies such as heated seats and a backup camera. The 125 is powered by the 1.5 2.0-litre diesels with 110 hp. The 120 hp unit that is fitted to the 130 generates 151 ps of power.


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